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This is mainly a collection of things I find sexy. I'm not gay, but I'm definitely not straight. You can expect to see hot girls, guys and mtf transsexuals engaging in all kinds of sexual acts. I don't care what your sexuality is because I post these for me. If you like, great, if you don't, go fuck yourself. This is the REAL Colby Jansen.YOU MUST BE 18 TO FOLLOW.

You’re so beautiful. I dream with your dick inside of me.

confessionsofmydirtymind asked: Have you ever bottom for your wife Gia before her post opt? My wife is also a post opt. Once in a while she love to top me using strap on..

My wife topped me 3 times before she had her GRS. She always preferred bottom and we’ve never done the strap on thing. Not something I’m totally opposed to, but just not something that we’ve tried.

confessionsofmydirtymind asked: Big fan of you in both sports and porn. I've seen your two bottom scenes but I must say even though it's a fantasy of mine to hunky guys like you bottom I somewhat prefer you as a top. What do u do to prepare for bottom scenes aside from douching? do you use dildo at home to ease it up?

Yeah I had to use a dildo to loosen up. Funny story, when I flew to England for my scene with Woody, I packed a 9” dildo in my bag, along with my douche. TSA left me a nice note letting me know that they inspected it. I had a big laugh at that. 

You’re one of my favorite adult film stars, so I thought I’d show a little appreciation. 

You’re one of my favorite adult film stars, so I thought I’d show a little appreciation. 

newkidzonthecock asked: If you ever need someone to take that sexy dick of yours, I volunteer.

I’ll keep it in mind lol

jra011464 asked: Love the blog. Pics. Keep it up


gutocanto asked: brazilian fan, love you

thanks xoxo

coconutcat asked: whats your fav movies

Braveheart, SuperTroopers, Rob Roy, Gladiator, 300, Blues Brothers, Animal House, The Hangover - the list is long lol